Description of the Harringtons

The Harringtons


  • Miss Harriet Harrington: We know she's a friend of Lydia Bennet and Harriet Forster (Maria Lucas's cousin). She's invited to Colonel Forster's with Harriet Forster but is too ill to come.
  • Miss "Pen" Harrington: Potentially Harriet's sister, though only mentioned once as "Pen" Harrington alongside Harriet in the invitation.

Role in the Story:

  • Their primary function is to add some background noise and social connections to the Bennets and Lucases.
  • Their absence at the Forsters' gathering, due to Harriet's illness, contributes to the narrative by keeping Lydia free to meet and elope with Wickham.
  • They hint at the wider social circle outside of Meryton, showing us that the Bennets and Lucases have connections beyond their immediate neighbors.


  • Their limited presence leaves plenty of space for speculation. We can imagine their personalities, their relationship with the other characters, and their place in the social hierarchy of Meryton.
  • Their connection to Lydia might suggest they share similar interests and social standing.
  • The fact that they're only mentioned in passing could be interpreted as Austen's way of adding realism and detail to the world of the novel, showing that not every character needs a fleshed-out backstory.

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