Description of Jane Bennet

Jane Bennet:

Physical Appearance

Apart from being renowned as the prettiest of the Bennet sisters, being described as an angel ("as to Miss Bennet, he could not conceive an angel more beautiful"-Charles Bingley), there is not much else to go on. According to JA Story and History the painted portrait to the left is of Mrs. Quentin by Jean Fran├žois-Marie Huet-Villiers and has been attributed as a likeness of Jane: going out of the novel's text, we can find that on May 24, 1813 Jane Austen wrote that she had recently attended a portrait exhibition where she had seen Mrs. Bingley's picture and that "there never was a greater likeness."

A more in-depth excerpt of this letter:

Mrs. Bingley's is exactly herself--size, shaped face, features, and sweetness; there never was a greater likeness. She is dressed in a white gown,with green ornaments, which convinces me of what I had always supposed, that green was a favourite colour with her.  I dare say Mrs. D. will be in yellow.

This letter can be read in it's entirety here.

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