Description of Miss Pope

Miss Pope

Miss Pope, though a minor character in Pride and Prejudice, occupies an interesting space in the narrative. 

Physical Appearance:

  • Described as "tall and stout" by Lady Metcalf.
  • Not youthful, likely past her prime according to the standards of the time.
  • Presumably dressed according to the fashion for governesses: plain, practical attire.

Character Description and Analysis:

  • Described as "a treasure" by Lady Metcalf, indicating competence, reliability, and possibly strictness.
  • Likely possesses strong teaching skills and experience in guiding young ladies.
  • Serves as a foil to the Bennet sisters, representing the life path of a governess: dutiful, unassuming, and potentially lonely.
  • Her presence highlights the limited options available to unmarried women of her time, particularly those without wealth or family connections.

Character Mentions:

  • Introduced through Mrs. Jenkinson's recommendation to Lady Metcalf.
  • Mentioned briefly during Elizabeth and Georgiana Darcy's visit to Rosings Park, where she plays cards with Mrs. Jenkinson and Miss de Bourgh.
  • Not directly involved in any major plot points, but serves as a subtle commentary on societal expectations and class differences.


  • Unfortunately, Miss Pope doesn't have any direct dialogue in the novel. However, Lady Metcalf's praise of her ("Lady Catherine, you have given me a treasure.") offers insight into her perceived virtues and the value placed on competent governesses in Regency society.

Additional Background:

  • It's possible that Miss Pope was based on Austen's own experience with governesses, either through personal interactions or her observations of others.
  • The character serves as a reminder of the importance of education and mentorship, particularly for young women during a time when formal schooling was often limited.

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