Description of Old Mr. Wickham

Old Mr. Wickham

Mr. Wickham's family background is shrouded in some mystery. We know he's not from the same social class as Mr. Darcy, but the details of his parentage and upbringing are never directly addressed. The only glimpse we get is a brief passing reference to his deceased father who was Mr. Darcy senior's steward.

Therefore, any information about "Old Mr. Wickham" would be purely speculation based on interpretations and inferences from the surrounding text and characters.

Character Description and Analysis:

  • Based on his profession as a steward, we can assume he held a respectable position within the Darcy household, earning their trust and responsibility.
  • His son's manipulative and deceitful nature might suggest a lack of strong moral guidance or role modeling in his upbringing.
  • Alternatively, perhaps Mr. Wickham Sr. possessed admirable qualities that weren't passed on to his son, highlighting the complex interplay of nature and nurture in shaping personality.

Character Mentions:

  • Mr. Wickham mentions his father indirectly when attempting to gain Elizabeth's sympathy, claiming he was treated unfairly by Mr. Darcy senior. However, his story's validity is highly questionable considering his established pattern of dishonesty.
  • Mr. Darcy briefly acknowledges Mr. Wickham Sr. as his former steward, but doesn't offer any personal recollections or insights into his character.


  • Mr. Wickham: "My father, gentleman, a most worthy man, whom you, perhaps, may know, Georges Wickham Esq. was Mr. Darcy's late steward; and from a most faithful follower, was brought to what I am – I refer to the death of my father, and my consequent removal from the stewardship" (Wickham's self-serving narrative casts doubt on the truth of his father's character)
  • Mr. Darcy: "Mr. Wickham is the son of a steward of my father's, who, perhaps, may have spoken to you of him." (Darcy's neutral mention provides little information about Mr. Wickham Sr.)

Additional Background:

  • The lack of details about Mr. Wickham Sr. allows space for interpretations and speculation, adding a layer of complexity to George Wickham's character and motivations.
  • His ambiguous presence contributes to the themes of class difference, societal expectations, and the unreliability of appearances in the novel.

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