To Miss Mary Lloyd
The following Novel is by permission
by her Obedt. humble Servt.
The Author

[The sad story of the beautiful Rose]

...Mr. Gower was the only son of a very large Family, of which Miss Rose Gower was the thirteenth daughter. This Young Lady, whose merits deserved a better fate than she met with, was the darling of her relations -- From the clearness of her skin & the Brilliancy of her Eyes, she was fully entitled to all their partial affection. Another circumstance contributed to the general Love they bore her, and that was one of the finest heads of hair in the world. A few Months before [...], her heart had been engaged by the attentions and charms of a young Man whose high rank and expectations seemed to foretell objections from his Family, to a match which would be highly desirable to theirs. Proposals were made on the young Man's part, and proper objections on his Father's -- He was desired to return from Carlisle, where he was with his beloved Rose, to the family seat in Sussex. He was obliged to comply, and the angry father, then finding from his Conversation how determined he was to marry no other woman, sent him for a fortnight to the Isle of Wight under the care of the Family Chaplain, with the hope of overcoming his Constancy by Time and Absence in a foreign Country. They accordingly prepared to bid a long adieu to England -- The young Nobleman was not allowed to see his Rosa. They set sail -- A storm arose which baffled the arts of the Seamen. The Vessel was wrecked on the coast of Calshot and every Soul on board perished. The sad Event soon reached Carlisle, and the beautiful Rose was affected by it, beyond the power of Expression.

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