9 Ridiculously Perfect Pride and Prejudice Gifts for Christmas

9 Ridiculously Perfect Pride and Prejudice Gifts for Christmas

For those of us who appreciate the novel a little bit too much, it may come as a shock just how many gift options are out there.

Luckily for you, I have done all of the hard work and found the greatest gifts for all of the lovely Pride and Prejudice fans out there. You're welcome :)

So let's dig right in, shall we?

1.  This perfect mug available in Missbohemia's etsy shop.  Currently priced at $10.90 with the sentiment "I'd rather be at Pemberley" this will make Christmas morning just so cozy.

I mean, who could say no to that, right? Her shop is jampacked with other great gift ideas for the literary fanatic in our lives (usually us!).  I'd also love to know where Missbohemia gets that font for Pemberley as well.

2. At the very top of my Christmas list is this card game, Marrying Mr. Darcy Board Game!

I literally squealed when I saw it on Amazon.  All it needs is a helpful guide on how I can convince my fiance to play with me.

The reviews for this are phenomenal as well.  You don't often see 5 star reviews on Amazon, so you know when you do it's a pretty good guarantee you'll get some bang for your buck with the purchase.
(Currently Priced at $40.00)

3. Take a trip down memory lane with these adorable Pride and Prejudice Paperdolls

I loved playing with paperdolls as a little girl.  I guess even then I was a bit of an old soul.  This lovely paper doll book would make the perfect stocking stuffer for the kid in us all.  

This version of the Pride and Prejudice Paperdolls has pretty solid reviews so go crazy and buy it up!
(Currently Priced at $10.00)

4. Another boardgame I am excited about is Jane Austen's Matchmaker.

Jane Austen's Matchmaker is the card game of love, romance and social domination. Place your ladies into society and make proposals with your gentlemen. Marry for love or money, or both! Beware of charming scoundrels who'll steal your virtue and offer nothing in return. All's fair in love and matchmaking!
(Currently Priced at $14.50)

5. Tell your own Pride and Prejudice story with a Personalised Pride and Prejudice Novel by PMC

Now seriously, how cool is this?! You can alter the text (not sacrilege, I promise!) to include your own name and the name of your significant other into the story.  This takes Pride and Prejudice to a very special place on any fan's shelf.

After purchase, you will need to reach out to the Amazon seller directly to supply your names and then wait patiently for Christmas to arrive so you can see the look of joy in your giftee's eyes!
(Currently Priced at $70.00)

6. This T-shirt that sums up every Austen fan.
Within us all lives our own individual spirit animal... mine just happens to be Jane Austen! I'm sure every Pride and Prejudice can say the same thing.

Stay Tuned Tees has a whole shop full of very witty t-shirts to choose from that are reasonably priced (currently this t-shirt is $22.95).

7. Add a hint of Pride and Prejudice to your daily routine with this Pride and Prejudice Lavender Body Lotion

Now this is the perfect stocking stuffer and at $7.00 it won't break the bank.  I'm actually really curious to see what it smells like <<hint hint>> Santa.

You can pick this one up at The MacBath's etsy store where they have Pride and Prejudice goats milk soap, some bath bombs, and an option to create your own personalized set!

8. For the sewing fan, give the gift of craft with this vintage pattern

I have had the craziest desire to get into sewing and I think this might be the year for sure.  Espceially when I can make my own regency era clothing to play pretend Pride and Prejudice.  Now that's exactly how to get anyone interested in Pride and Prejudice interested in wanting to learn to sew.

Moon Dance Crafts' etsy has this pattern and so much more on sale for Black Friday this week (Currently Priced at $5.25)

9. Snuggle up with this endearing Mr. Darcy pillow.

I really feel like I saved the best for last.  As much as I love love love all of the gifts I've sneak-peeked so far, there is nothing more appealing to me right now, than to curl up on the couch, put on the BBC miniseries, and cuddle this pillow.

I think the hardest thing about buying this pillow would be waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Telah Marie's etsy shop is full of so many fun pillows like this.  I think I've found what I will be obsessing over next.  (Currently Priced at $25.50)

That's all for now, but stay tuned to For Pride and Prejudice as we continue to scour the internet for the most amazing gift ideas for all Pride and Prejudice fans.


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