Is Mr. Darcy related to anyone else in Pride and Prejudice?

Mr. Darcy has one sister (Georgiana), an aunt (Lady Catherine de Bough), a male cousin (Colonel Fitzwilliam), a female cousin (Anne de Bough), and a mother (Anne) mentioned by name in the novel Pride and Prejudice. He has a father who is like a father to George Wickham whose relationship is described as(in reference to the relationship between the later Mr. Darcy and young George Wickham):

My father supported him at school, and afterwards at Cambridge--most important assistance, as his own father, always poor from the extravagance of his wife, would have
been unable to give him a gentleman's education. My father was not only
fond of this young man's society, whose manners were always engaging; he
had also the highest opinion of him, and hoping the church would be
his profession, intended to provide for him in it.


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