A Timeline of Pride and Prejudice

From first encounter to matrimony, the entire novel is set in about a 13-14 month period.  Some of the dates included in the novel allow us to lay the groundwork for the timeline, however, not all significant events mentioned in the book have a date that correlates to when that event took place. For instance, we know Mr. Bingley moves into his rented home Netherfield Park in September because in the dialogue, Mrs. Bennet tells Mr. Bennet “[Bingley]is to take possession before Michaelmas” which is on September 29th.  Where possible to provide specific dates and or times, I have done so in the timeline below. Everything else is purely guesswork.



Late September
1.       Bingley moves in to his rented home NEtherfield Park.

Early October   
1.       Mr. Bennet visits Netherfield Park and introduces himself to Mr. Bingley and welcomes him to the neighborhood.
2.       Mr. Bennet confides to his wife and daughters that he played a joke on them and that he did indeed visit Mr. Bingley.
3.       Mr. Bingley returns Mr. Bennet’s visit by coming to Longbourn.  He does not meet any of the Miss Bennet’s nor Mrs. Bennet.

October 15th
1.       Mr. Collins writes his letter to Mr. Bennet.

After October 15th
1.       Ball held at Meryton.  First time Mr. Bingley and his party are introduced to the neighborhood at large.
2.       The day after the ball, the Lucases and the Bennets get together to discuss everything that happened at the ball.

Early November
We know the following events occur in November because in dialogue between Charlotte and Elizabeth, Charlotte says it has been two weeks since Mr. Bingley met Jane at the Meryton assembly.
1.       The Lucases host a small party

November 12th
1.       Jane is invited to Netherfield by Miss Bingley.
2.       Jane gets sick riding to Netherfield after Mrs. Bennet insists she not take the carriage.

November 13th
1.       Jane writes to Elizabeth.
2.       Elizabeth goes to Netherfield.

November 14th
1.                Mrs. Bennet goes to Netherfield to see Jane

November 16th
1.       Elizabeth writes to Longbourn about returning home soon

November 17th
1.       Jane and Elizabeth leave Netherfield and return home

November 18th
1.       Mr. Collins arrives at Longbourn
2.       The Miss Bennets’ meet Mr. Wickham.

November 20th
1.       The Philips family hosts a small party

November 21sta
1.       Mr. Bingley invites families in Meryton and the Regiment to attend a ball at Netherfield.

November 26th
1.       The ball at Netherfield  occurs

November 27th
1.       Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth.
2.       Elizabeth declines the proposal.
3.       Mrs. Bennet loses her mind.

November 28th
1.       Bingley and his party leave Netherfield Park for Lond.
2.       Charlotte meets with Mr. Collins.
3.       Elizabeth speaks with Wickham (who was absent at the Netherfield ball)

November 29th
1.       Mr. Collins proposes to Charlotte (2 days after proposing to Elizabeth!)

November 30th
1.       Mr. Collins leaves Meryton and returns to his parsonage.

December 3rd
1.       Letter from Mr. Collins is received at Longbourn.

December 16th
1.       Mr. Collins returns to Longbourn.

December 17th-19th
1.       Jane receives a letter from Miss Bingley

December 21st
1.       Mr. Collins leaves Longbourn (seriously.  This guy needs to stay in one place).

December 23rd
1.       Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner and their children arrive at Longbourn for Christmas.

December 30th
1.       Jane leaves for London with the Gardiners.

Early January
1.       Mr. Collins returns to Meryton.

January 7th
1.       Jane visits Miss Bingley in London
2.       Jane writes to Elizabeth

January 9th
1.       Mr. Collins and Charlotte wed
2.       Miss Bingley visits Jane in Cheapside

Late March
1.       Elizabeth and Sir William and Charlotte’s sister Maria leave to see Charlotte
2.       Miss de Bourgh visits the cottage to meet Elizabeth, Maria, and Sir William.
3.       The party at the cottage (how I will refer to Mr. and Mrs. Collins, Elizabeth, Sir William and Maria) go to dinner at Rosings.
4.       Sir William leaves the cottage

Early April
1.       Mr. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam arrive at Rosings Park.
2.       Both gentleman visit the party at the cottage.

1.       Elizabeth and Darcy see each other. 
a.       At church
b.      At dinner at rosings
c.       At the parsonage
2.       Mr. Darcy succumbs and proposes to Elizabeth
3.       Elizabeth refuses Mr. Darcy
4.       Mr. Darcy leaves Rosings Park

Early May
1.       Elizabeth and Maria head for home via London.
2.       Elizabeth, Maria, and Jane (who they picked up in London) head to Longbourn.
3.       The regiment is announced to be leaving Meryton

1.       Elizabeth tells Jane about Darcy’s proposal.
2.       Lydia is invited to Brighton by Colonel Forster’s wife.

Late May
1.       Lydia and the regiment leave for Brighton.

1.       Elizabeth and the Gardiners head north towards the Lake District.

Early August
1.       Elizabeth and the Gardiners arrive near Lambton.
2.       Lots of things happen.

1.       Lydia and Wickham elope… well sort of.  They definitely run off together.

1.       Colonel Forster sends an express letter to Longbourn
2.       Lydia and Wickham arrive in London and go into hiding

1.       Elizabeth and the Gardiners arrive in Lambton
2.       Jane writes to Elizabeth

1.       Elizabeth and the Gardiners tour Pemberley.
2.       Elizabeth and Darcy meet again.
3.       Mr. Bennet goes to London
4.       Jane writes a second letter to Elizabeth.

1.       Elizabeth meets Miss Darcy

1.       The Gardiners and Elizabeth visit Pemberley again
2.       Elizabeth meets Mr. Bingley and Miss Bingley again.

1.       Elizabeth receives Jane’s letters.
2.       Elizabeth confides in Darcy the drama with Lydia.
3.       Elizabeth and the Gardiners leave Lambton and head for Longbourn.

1.       Elizabeth and the Gardiners arrive at Longbourn
2.       Darcy heads to London

1.       Mr. Gardiner heads for London

1.       Letter received from Mr. Gardiner

1.       Letter received from Mr. Collins
2.       Darcy finds Wickham and Lydia in London

1.       Another letter received from Mr. Gardiner
2.       Darcy visits the Gardiners at their Cheapside home to discuss arrangements for Lydia and Wickham.

1.       Mr. Bennet returns to Longbourn.
2.       Darcy visits Cheapside again to continue negotiations.

1.       Darcy visits Cheapside again…

1.       Express letter received at Longbourn from Mr. Gardiner.
2.       Preparations are made for Lydia’s wedding

Late August
1.       Lydia and Wickham marry
2.       They journey to Longbourn
3.       Lydia spills the beans about Darcy being at her wedding.
4.       Elizabeth writes to Mrs. Gardiner for an explanation
5.       Mrs. Gardiner writes back an explanation
6.       Lydia and Wickham leave the neighborhood

Early September
1.       Mr. Bingley is rumored to be returning to the neighborhood.

1.       Mr. Bingley arrives at Netherfield
2.       Darcy and Mr. Bingley visit the family at Longbourn.
3.       Lots of things happen… again!

1.       Darcy admits his errors where Jane was concerned to Bingley.

1.       Darcy leaves the neighborhood.
2.       Bingley visits Longbourn.

1.       Bingley visits Longbourn.

1.       Bingley proposes to Jane.

1.       Lady Catherine is pissed off when she hears a rumor about Darcy marrying Elizabeth.
2.       Lady Catherine rushes to Longbourn.
3.       Mr. Collins writes to warn Mr. Bennet that Lady Catherine has heard the rumor.
4.       Lady Catherine visits Elizabeth at Longbourn (it does not prove satisfactory for Lady Catherine)
5.       Mr. Collins letter arrives.
6.       Darcy visits Elizabeth at Longbourn
7.       Darcy proposes
8.       Elizabeth says yes! (FINALLY!)
9.       Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are told of the engagement.

November or December
1.       Elizabeth and Jane have a double wedding.

One Year Later
1.       Jane and Bingley move closer to Pemberley.

And that's about it. Please call out in the comments section if there are any typos or if anything doesn't seem correct.

Thanks for reading!

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